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Kelsale's Christian Values

Kelsale has 3 main values which make up our School rules:

They are

Compassion : Be Compassionate

Respect : Be Respectful

Perseverance : Always Persevere

We believe that these 3 core values encompass all Christian values which we as a community endeavour to live by in our every day lives.

As a church school we have a responsibility to teach the Christian values to our children.  These values are are incorporated in to everyday life in our school through our daily act of collective worship as well as in specific lessons.    

We also teach about the beliefs of others and key aspects of other world religions.


Christian values

Perserverance, compassion, respect and reverence, generosity, peace, wisdom, creativity, responsibility, trust, justice, truth, service, hope, humility, forgiveness, thankfulness and friendship.

Our half term value focus

Overall focus on Compassion in collective worship - with weekly focusses on a range of Values throughout the weeks.

Perseverance focus in Topic

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