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Curriculum intention

Our school vision is the root of our curriculum - Together, we believe, we learn and shine.   It is rooted in the teaching of our Christian values.   In all aspects of school life, we strive to teach our children how to be good learners - our 5 C's

  • Curious learners – active in learning, value knowledge and education, question, comfortable to take risks and make mistakes
  • Creators – value and take a pride in their work, produce high quality work, aspirational
  • Collaborators - willing and able to work with others respectfully, good social skills
  • Communicators - confident, wide range of vocabulary, good listeners  
  • Critical thinkers – have an opinion, apply skills and knowledge to solve problems, willing to persevere

Our three core values (respect, compassion and perseverance) underpin the teaching and learning, the behaviour and the collective code of conduct in our school.




  • Children respect others’ right to learn.
  • Children respect others' right to be heard.
  • Children respect others' right to be safe.
  • Our children can express their individual beliefs and ideas with respect.
  • Our children will resolve disputes with others respectfully.
  • Our children will learn about the community in which they live and understand why it is the same and how it is different to other communities.
  • Our children’s unique personalities are celebrated and embraced.
  • Our children’s individual talents within and out of school are celebrated.
  • Our children, parents and carers feel valued in our school community.
  • Our children develop their courage and confidence.
  • Our children understand that they share responsibility for their learning with staff and parents.
  • Our children understand that they must be active in their learning and be willing to persevere.
  • Our children are encouraged to have high aspirations.

Our three core values are at the heart of our curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to support each child to become a respectful and compassionate individual, who takes responsibility for themselves, has high aspirations and is willing to persevere to achieve their own goals. We aim to develop our pupils’ understanding of our local area and of the world beyond our local community, and for them to aspire to make a positive global impact. We value each child as an individual with a unique potential for learning, and with the ability to embrace and embody Christian values.





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If you would like to find out more about our school curriculum please see our individual class pages which have a termly overview of learning to be covered.

Please contact our school office if you require any further information on 01728 602297 or email admin@kelsaleprimary.org.uk 

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