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Welcome to Class 5

Welcome back Lovelies,

I hope you had a lovely week's break. 

This half term we will be trying to expand our thoughts and actions into the world outside our house.  This is particularly tricky at the moment, but we will prepare ourselves to emerge into the wide world- like amazingly beautiful butterflies.  

Can;t wait to see you all again soon

Love Mrs M xx

Rewards Earnt
Slime Making
Lenten Challenge(5)

Total So Far= 773/1000 Reward: An afternoon with friends

Class reward Points Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday   
English Live lesson 25 26 24    
Afternoon Live lesson 23 24 21    
Bonus points 15 4      
Total for day 63 54      

Home Learning

Thursday 4th March

Thursday second session (11-12.30)

Read the book on the pdf below and watch the video below. 


zoom_0 (2).mp4

Thursday afternoon

Watch the video below.  Work completed will work towards a group piece which we will complete in school.  It will ultimately be displayed in the school hall, so presention should be AMAZING!

PLEASE bring your dots into school on Monday!


Thursday 2nd.mp4

Friday 5th March

Friday 1st session-Maths

Maths games. Try links below:


Need a sign up for free by parents 


Friday second session (11-12.30)

Watch video below

A continuation of yesterday's lesson


zoom_0 (3).mp4

Friday afternoon

Watch the video below.  Work completed will form  a display at school   Really take your time to produce your BEST work. Can you bring this into school on Monday please. 

I have included a jar outline below if useful.


Friday 2nd lesson.mp4

Thank you for all your beautiful work

Learning Links

Ukulele resources are available in the 'Covid 19 Information' section of the website for Year 4 age pupils! Click on 'Home school resources'. Eligible children can arrange to collect their ukelele from School in order to make use of these resources at home.

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