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PE at Kelsale

PE Rationale, Intent, Implementation and Impact Statements.

Please find our Long Term Plan for Physical Education below, which outlines the sports that the children will be learning about across the different year groups in each term.

PE Curriculum Long Term Plan

Overview of PE at Kelsale - PE on a Page

The Daily Mile

During the Spring term, Neptune Class ( Year 6) have been running 1 mile around the school field. Whilst doing so, Miss Holgate collated some data to measure the impact of running a mile every day on children's mental and physical health. After 6 weeks of running everyday, the results obtained were fantastic; both mental and physical health improved with significant, positive changes in data. A summary of these statistics can be found by clicking on the adjacent poster.

With these brilliant statistics in mind, we would like to encourage more of our classes to join in with The Daily Mile so that they can also reap these positive rewards.

Sports Premium Grant

Sport is a very important part of our school curriculum and we actively encourage pupils to try a wide range of sports and to appreciate the importance of a healthy life-style. Pupils are taught to be competitive, to celebrate participation and good sportsmanship, and to accept losing graciously.  

Annually, we recieve a grant for PE and Sports in school. Below are all of our previous reports on how we have spent this grant and how we propose to spend this in the next academic year.

Evidencing the Impact of Sports Premium 2017-18

Evidencing the Impact of Sports Premium 2018-19

Evidencing the Impact of Sports Premium 2019-20

Evidencing the Impact of Sports Premium 2020-2021

Sports Premium Grant received for this academic year 2021-22: £17,390



Daily Mile Poster

Schools' Football Week: 7th - 13th February 2022

To celebrate Schools’ Football Week, our children from Years 1 to 6 to participated in a Home Football Challenge and competed in our Intra-School Football Tournament.

1) Home Football Challenge:

  • Children took part in 3 challenges: nutmegs, keepy-ups & sole taps.
  • They practised at home/at school over the week and submitted their best scores virtually for each challenge.
  • The children who scored the highest totals in each year group were: Mason, Finley, Henry G, Will C and Jamie K.
  • These children won points for their house colour and a certificate.

2) Intra-School Football Tournament:

  • These chilldren participated in our intra-school football tournament and represented their house colour in their year group.
  • Results: In Year 1 and 2, the overall winners were Blue team! For Year 3 and 4, Red team won their finals match! Finally, the winners of Year 5 and 6 were the Blue Team! The children from these teams won points for their house colour and a certificate.

Click here to see the photos from the tournament.



Sports Fortnight: 21st June - 2nd July 2021

For our Athletics Day and Sports Day, we ran several events where the children had their distances and times recorded. The winning children from each year group are now record holders! Please see the current record breakers and their records to the right. (Click to enlarge)

Here at Kelsale, we highly value participation in sport and physical activity to, not only improve the physical wellbeing of our children, but their mental wellbeing too. Therefore, despite the lockdown, the children have still enjoyed two weeks of sport.

Click here to read the article all about our Sports Fortnight in the EADT.

Below are the various blog posts which are comprised of beautiful photos from each day of sports. Click each link to be taken to the photo albums.

Day 1: Rubgy with Didi Rugby

Day 2: Dance with Sam Moss / Year 6 Sailing with Aldeburgh Yacht Club

Day 3: Athletics with Mrs Godbold and Mr Skeggs

Day 4: Karate with Blackwell Academy 

Day 5: Football with ITFC Community Trust

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