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Welcome to Class 6's Page

Inspirational words written by Lola: 

"Although the world may feel like a storm you have to suffer through, direct your eyes to god and he will guide you through the roughest seas and towards the light that you always had. You are never alone. You are never in the dark, just a night that will soon pass and allow the sun to shine through."

To ask me any questions or send me your work, you can email me using: missholgate@kelsale.suffolk.sch.uk using your school email address. Use your school laptop logins to sign in on this website: portal.office.com and use Outlook.

You have now earned your Disco Afternoon - well done for achieving your target of 1,000 class points! Your next target is 1,250 points for a Talent Show laugh

Total = 830/1250

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday   Friday  
English 26 24 21    
Afternoon 26 24 21    
Bonus 18 25 14    
Total 70 73 55    


NEW PE CHALLENGE - Beat The Nathan

Each week, Mr Skeggs will be setting you a new PE challenge for you to compete against him in! Watch the KS2 video of him below and send in your entries. Will you beat Nathan?

Click here for this week's 'Beat The Nathan' challenge

Kelsale Lenten Challenge

Ash Wednesday (17th February) marked the beginning of lent: the 40 days of preparation for the Easter season when Christians are called to deepen their spiritual lives through the practices of fasting. This year, instead of giving up something, our Kelsale challenge encourages you to do something for someone else. Here is our challenge calendar below to take you through a compassionate and generous 40 days of lent...




Friday 5th March 2021:

Photos of Home Learning



Previous Lesson Recordings:

Bucket of Kindness

Bucket of Kindness-page-001(1)

100 Challenges for Captain Sir Tom

In tribute to Captain Sir Thomas Moore, here is how Class 6 inspired others by completing 100 of something of their own. Well done Riley for his poem, which made it to BBC Radio Suffolk!laughClick here to listen to my interview with Mark Murphy. (Skip to 3:34:30)

100 Squats: Mason

Mason's 100 Squats.mp4

100 Press-ups: Harry

Harry 100 Pressups

100 Laps of Garden: Ollie C


100 Word Poem: Riley

Rileys 100 Word Poem

Hello in 100 Languages: Sophia


100 Minute Drawing: Taylor

Taylor 100 Minute Drawing

100 Minute Colouring: Honey

Honey 100 Minute Colouring.mov

100 Blocks to spell Captain Tom: Tilly


Home Learning Daily Timetable

Class 5 and 6 - Home Learning Timetable

Below you will see a map of our curriculum for the Spring term. This shows you all of the subjects that we will be covering and what we will be learning about until Easter.

Curriculum Overview

Spring Term - Curriculum Overview - Class 6
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