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Welcome to Class 6's Page

Inspirational words written by Lola: 

"Although the world may feel like a storm you have to suffer through, direct your eyes to god and he will guide you through the roughest seas and towards the light that you always had. You are never alone. You are never in the dark, just a night that will soon pass and allow the sun to shine through."

Class 6's Reward: Talent Show


Class 6 Talent Show-page-001

Mental Health Awareness Week: 10th-17th May

On Tuesday 11th May, the children in Class 6 greatly enjoyed learning about how nature can improve their mental health and wellbeing. We compared their minds to being like a garden: all gardens can grow weeds but if the children spend their time focusing on helping the beautiful flowers grow and eradicating the weeds, then their garden will bloom.

The children enjoyed several activities out in nature, which gave them time to reflect, contemplate and calm. These consisted of: cloud watching, mud painting, picture creating, flower drawing, daisy chain making and bird-song listening. 

DT Biome Project

The children consolidated and applied their learning in Geography of the different biomes around the world and created their own biomes. 

Each group chose a different biome, which you can see in the images below. These include: tundra, desert, savannah, rainforest, mediterranean, marine etc.

The children had to create a set of design criteria in order to best replicate their biome and imagine they were creating this in real life, in which the animals and plants would need to survive and thrive in.

Here are their completed projects:

Curriculum Overview

Below you will see a map of our curriculum for the Summer term. This shows you all of the subjects that we will be covering and what we will be learning about this term.

Curriculum Overview Summer

Click here to see an enlarged version of the curriculum overview.


100 Challenges for Captain Sir Tom

In tribute to Captain Sir Thomas Moore, here is how Class 6 inspired others by completing 100 of something of their own. Well done Riley for his poem, which made it to BBC Radio Suffolk!laughClick here to listen to my interview with Mark Murphy. (Skip to 3:34:30)

100 Squats: Mason

Mason's 100 Squats.mp4

100 Press-ups: Harry

Harry 100 Pressups

100 Laps of Garden: Ollie C


100 Word Poem: Riley

Rileys 100 Word Poem

Hello in 100 Languages: Sophia


100 Minute Drawing: Taylor

Taylor 100 Minute Drawing

100 Minute Colouring: Honey

Honey 100 Minute Colouring.mov

100 Blocks to spell Captain Tom: Tilly


Bucket of Kindness

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