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Together Everyone Achieves More

Welcome to Kelsale CEVC Primary School 2020/21

Parent Teacher Friends Association (PTFA).

We organise and run numerous fun events and activities for the children and their friends & families across the academic year of which all funds raised go back into improving our children’s experiences whilst at school. During previous years we have bought learn pads, a bandstand, climbing frame, refurbished our swimming pool, for all of the children to use and enjoy plus much more.

The majority of PTFA activity is focused on fundraising, but the most overlooked function of the PTFA is creating relationships between parents, staff and the wider community - whilst creating treasured memories for our pupils. 

We all have different pressures in life, work, caregiving, other responsibilities and committees. BUT we all share the same objective - enriching the statutory education of our children.

It is easy to leave the educational bit it to the teachers. AND We know how easy it is to leave the PTFA bit to those parents who you see in the playground with a pen, paper and purpose in their eyes! But if we do not get more parental support, there will be no Kelsale PTFA.

  • No Kelsale PTFA means NO additional funds
  • No additional funds mean no new playground or state of the art classroom equipment
  • It also means no more events such as discos and fetes.

Until now it has been an invisible force that just 'make things happen!' - an invisible force that (Unless you are involved), you are unaware of the amount of work that they have put in to benefit your children's school day.

Every parent and teacher at this school can bring something to the table - no matter how big or how small.

So whether you are new to the school or already have a child or children here, we would like to invite you to join us and be part of our PTFA. We have lots of fun things planned for the new school year.

We are really keen to ensure the PTFA continues to be successful long into the future and therefore are needing new volunteers and future committee members.  Some examples of volunteering include - 30 minutes on a stall at one of the fairs, 60 minutes help serving drinks at the disco or film night, serving food and drinks on a stall. We also have roles on the committee if you’d like to get more involved – examples include:  organising an event or part of an event (games, stall holders, entertainment), grant applications for big projects, social media and general communications or if you’d like to take an official role on the PTFA then roles will be available and we’d love to chat to you about them, however big or small your time really does make a difference.

We’re sure you have lots of ideas and energy to bring to the table so please do get in touch kelsaleptfa@gmail.com or send us a message via our Facebook page Kelsale PTFA.

PTFA chair

Clare Newman

Joining the PTFA Letter

Allocation of PTFA Funds

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